Cookie Consent for TYPO3

GDPR Compliance made easy!

Slavlee Cookie Control shows a cookie consent on your TYPO3 webpage. This alert shows your defined categories, where your services are grouped in. Those services holds the cookies and URLs which can be accepted and denied by the frontend user individually.

Easy and Advanced Mode

Slavlee Cookie Control supports two modes.

Easy mode

The easy mode displays a notice message. The notice message informs the user about cookies usage on the webpage and links him to the privacy page. On this privacy page the user must be informed about all privacy related activities on the webpage. If you use cookies with personal data, then they have to offer a functional for opt-out.

This mode does not fully comply to the latest GDPR guidelines. Use it on your own risk or for other purposes than a cookie consent.

Advanced Mode

The advanced mode is the strict and fully compliance mode, where the cookies and external resources are only available, if the user accepts these categories and services. In this mode all cookies will be deleted continously until the frontend user accept it. The URLs mentioned in the services will be continously shredded and replaced by service.disabled as long as the frontend user does not give his/hers consent.
The decision of the user can be asked in TypoScript with custom conditions from Slavlee Cookie Consent. This way you can embed services and resources after the consent of the user. 

The advanced mode shows categories in the cookie alert box initially. The frontend user has the option to open a modal box with all detailled information about the used services, cookies and URLs. In this popup the frontend user can individually accept and deny single services as well.

Detailled Cookie Information

In Slavlee Cookie Control you can enter detailled information about your used services, cookies and URL inside a modal box. This modal box is like the whole cookie consent extension fully responsive. 
Inside the modal box the frontend user can accept and deny not only the categories and all contained services. The frontend user also can accept and deny single services. This way your frontend user has the full control about the usage of your services and at the same time your frontend user are informed about any activities on your webpage. This build up trust!


Slavlee Cookie Control supports the following TYPO3 versions:

  1. 8.7.x
  2. 9.5.x
  3. 10.4.x


Slavlee Package is available in 2 versions. There is a free version and a paid version. The paid version exists in 2 different licenses.


$0 / year

  • 100% GDPRO complaint
  • Configuration in TypoScript
  • Position: bottom
Free download
Pro Regular

$7 / year

  • Everything that the Free version has
  • Configuration in TYPO3 backend as normal content elements, no TypoScript necessary (editor friendly)
  • Positions: bottom, top, center
  • Categories inside Cookie Consent alert hideable
  • 12 months support inclusive
  • Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for
Pro Extended

$27 / year

  • everything that the Pro Regular Version has
  • Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for